About the Book

Zero Turned Hero shows that retaliation cannot solve problems. Instead, it encourages to approach trials with critical thinking and empathy.

Eight original short stories demonstrate the importance of sensitivity and understanding. These, along with other priceless lessons, hope to spark meaningful discussion and mold readers in becoming better people as they live their lives.

About the author

Bessie Frazier holds degrees in English, education, and sociology. The Brooklyn, New York, native worked as a teacher for over 30 years. Her work made appearances in magazines, anthologies, and other sources.


1. (Tip Top Finds Hope)
“Every time you get ready to make fun of someone…ask yourself—
How would I feel if it was me?”

2. (Victor Learns a Lesson)
“You know it’s not right to make fun of other people…don’t you?”

3. (Nightmares)
“Fright is the only thing you should be afraid of. It can make you
hurt yourself."

4. (The Onion)
“I don’t know if my mother was right. That was the last time I stole

5. (The End of an Era)
“I believe we were both sad, because we knew it was the end of an era.”

6. (Jennifer’s Luck)
“My life has been battles and challenges, but I’m still here. Things
have gotten me down, but they didn’t break me.”

7. (The Lavender Dress)
“The dress brought me the greatest happiness. Then it brought me misery.”

8. (The Stone King)
“How can I love anyone, when I don’t love myself…”

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